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Support future CMA development by taking a piece of the museum experience home with you. “A Peek Inside” Gift Shop offers museum visitors and the public an opportunity to purchase merchandise that financially supports the function of the CMA. It includes traditional gifts as well as, educational toys for all budgets.

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Our Collection of Slimes

Tar Pit Slime


Solar Dough

Dino Park Slime

Pluto Plasma

Neon Slime

Mood Mudd

Metallic Slime

Mars Mudd

Kijii Buddy & Slime

Jupiter Juice

Glitter Slime

Galactic Ooze

Fluffy Slime

Dino Putty

Cloud Slime

Clear Slime

Boing Putty

CMA at Home!

Looking for a fun and educational activities to try at home? Check out these cool experiments! 

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Parenting is already a full-time job!! Here are some helpful tips to get through it. 

Make Handwashing Fun!

Now is the perfect time to develop an important skill. 

The Perfect Bubble

We have just the right recipe to help with your next outdoor activity day!

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