The Benefits of CMA Membership

Welcome to the CMA’s inaugural blog post. This month the CMA launches an updated and simplified membership program for guests who want to support the Museum and visit often.

Why you should join

Membership makes visiting the CMA more carefree. What does that mean? Well, children’s museums are for children, and there are times children (and their adults) have had enough. Imagine you and your child have been at the Museum for 15 minutes and they launch into a full-blown, inconsolable tantrum. Without a membership you think about the money just spent on admission. With a membership you think about returning on another day. Imagine another scenario: your little one spends an hour in the Super 1 Grocery Store, then an hour in the Bubble Factory, and is ready to leave. Again, without a membership you think you haven’t been in most of the exhibits. With it, you think about returning another day. Membership takes the stress out of the equation. With membership, anytime the CMA offers special programs like the “Only One You” Literacy Workshops for Kids Ages 4-7 or art demonstrations by Louisiana Crafts Guild artisans you can come and participate at no extra charge.

Why the CMA is a great investment

Membership to the CMA exposes your child or children to a variety of educationally enriching activities in a safe environment and presents them in a way that is fun. From real world scenarios like preparing and serving meals in Cafe’ des Enfants or tending animals in Happy Paws Hospital to participating in ever-changing art activities in the ReUSEum the CMA always has something to engage young guests. When kids are out of school around holidays and throughout the summer, the CMA kicks into high gear offering “Daily Discoveries” workshops during which children can participate in a new and different STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) activity every day. No child who visits the CMA regularly will experience the dreaded summer slide!

The perks add value

CMA membership offers perquisites beyond unlimited admission during normal operating hours.

  • Discounted admission to special events. You save money on tickets to the CMA’s Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s events.
  • Invitations to member-exclusive events. Four times a year the CMA hosts Member’s Nights with special activities at no additional charge.
  • Discounts on parties, camps, and gift shop purchases. Having a birthday party at the CMA is a rite of passage, our camps immerse campers in exciting themes like pirates, and have you checked out the gift shop recently? There’s good stuff in there.
  • Discount on admission to other participating children’s museums. Over 200 children’s museums
  • – all with unique offerings – participate in membership reciprocity!

In closing

More and more research reveals kids need the type of hands-on exploratory play on offer at children’s museums for healthy child development. Young children thrive in environments they can explore. And, children need unstructured play to hone developmental skills like fine and gross motor skills as well as immerse themselves in creative play. The CMA is a place where children can build foundations for future success, and it is simply a wonderful place for them to go with adults they love to make memories. To purchase a CMA membership, click here

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