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Before visiting, check out our variety of exhibits and discover the learning opportunities unique to our museum!

STEM Street

Sponsored by CGI

With a variety of activities, children interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) can play games and learn the foundations of valuable skills that will help them navigate their future at the same time!

Healthy Me

Sponsored by Tides Medical

Learn about your body and have fun while doing so at the Healthy Me exhibit. Explore different aspects of your health and get inspired to pursue careers in healthcare!

Itty Bitty Builders

Sponsored by The Martial F. Billeaud, Sr. Foundation

Kids can punch-in and play inside a new exhibit that reflects the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts being taught in school and connects them to their real-world application in skilled jobs.

Knowledge Nook

Cozy and inviting, The Knowledge Nook is designed to develop literacy skills in pre-school-age children while providing a quiet, welcoming space to practice foundational educational skills for all ages.

Wee Acres

Our toddler-only area, Wee Acres provides a safe and engaging environment for children under 5 to play and explore. Featuring a barn, a farmyard, and a small homestead, kids can play with many different toys or read in our cozy pond!

Health Galleries

Sponsored by Carson Animal Hospital

In our Health Galleries, children can learn about the medical treatment of humans and animals. Children can treat or groom a variety of stuffed animals as a veterinarian or an animal groomer. Kids can also learn about their eyesight and perform a cornea transplant on a sick alligator!

To Tell the Tooth

Sponsored by Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry

The dentist can be a scary place for all-ages! Our dentist office teaches kids about the importance of tooth hygiene through proper brushing and hopefully helps relieve some of that anxiety as kids gain confidence through role-playing as dentists and patients with our real x-ray!

Super 1 Foods Grocery Store

Sponsored by Super 1 Foods

Preparing them for the real world, kids can role-play as shoppers, cashiers, and stock clerks inside a miniature grocery store with kid-sized shopping carts.

Bubble Factory

Always a kid favorite, our Bubble Factory allows children to play with bubbles in a unique way. With our Secret Bubble Formula and large, different-shaped bubble wands, kids can blow big bubbles and even stand inside of one in our Bubble Tower!

Ami – The Acadian Ambulance

Sponsored by Acadian Ambulance

This full-size ambulance with flashing lights parked within the museum promotes exploration and role-playing. Kids can learn about the heroes in Emergency Medical Services while getting to play inside a real Emergency vehicle!

Café des Enfants

Providing children an opportunity to play in a miniature real world setting, our kid-sized café allows children to role-play and explore all the different jobs that make food service possible such as chef, server, busser, or host.

The ReUSEum

Our ReUSEum Art Room is fully stocked with markers, crayons, paper, stickers, and much more! Future artists can color worksheets or work on their next great masterpiece. When they’re finished, proud artists can display their work on our Gallery Wall!


A big, cozy anatomy doll, Stuffee comes complete with internal organs to provide tactile instruction covering the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems of the human body. A beloved piece of CMA History, Stuffee toured schools in the early 90s, collecting funds and generating excitement so that the Children’s Museum of Acadiana could be built!

Louisiana Cultural Corner

Our Louisiana Culture Corner promotes knowledge of our beautiful state’s proud history and culture. Children can learn about what makes Louisiana unique while fishing on our Piriou, coloring an informative, educational worksheet, or exploring our community-created display highlighting Louisiana culture.

Sensory Sea

Our Sensory Sea is an ocean of different textures and colors designed to engage and develop children’s senses and encourage curiosity through interactivity. Kids can investigate texture, explore the Seaweed Forest, or hide in our Sea Cave with some cuddly ocean friends.

Strictly Briks Makerspace

With Lego and magnet toys, kids can build and create their own engineering marvels! Encouraging children to play creatively with building toys may inspire a life-long interest in architecture, engineering, or design.

201 E. Congress, A Site History

Learn the interesting story of how the historic building housing Heymann’s Grocery Store became today’s Children’s Museum of Acadiana.

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