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Knowledge Nook

The Knowledge Nook is designed to develop literacy skills in pre-school-age children while providing an inviting space to practice important skills.

201 E. Congress, A Site History

Learn the interesting story of how the historic building housing Heymann’s Grocery Store became today’s Children’s Museum of Acadiana.


Admit stuffed animals for care by child veterinarians gaining insightful knowledge on animal care and health maintenance.

Super 1 Foods Grocery Exhibit

Provides role-playings as shoppers, cashiers, stock clerks and stockers.

Le TV des Enfants

TV studio complete with operational cameras, news desk, interview corner and weather center gives children the opportunity to view themselves on camera.

Strictly Briks Makerspace

Expands creative play while inspiring a new generation of engineers, designers, mathematicians, and beyond.

Ami – The Acadian Ambulance

This full-size ambulance with flashing lights parked within the museum promoting exploration and role-playing.                                                                                    

Wee Acres

A farm-theme activity area for toddlers, features farmyard, barn and homestead, also serving as an observation area for those engaged in child development.

The ReUSEum

Art room invites children to participate in art workshops using recycled materials.

Cafe des Enfants

restaurant allows children to portray the diverse roles and explore the many facets of the food service industry

Sensory Sea

an ocean-themed exhibit, is designed to engage and develop children’s senses through interactivity.

Architecture Alley

provides a basis for the “designer” in all of us to build with Kapla blocks, Legos, potato heads and dominoes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                


A quite large anatomy doll, comes complete with internal organs providing tactile instruction covering the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems of the human body.

Bubble Factory

Enables a child to experiment with creating different shaped bubbles and actually standing inside a bubble.

To Tell the Tooth

Dental office focuses on dental care for children of all ages displaying actual x-rays and proper brushing techniques.

Louisiana Cultural Area

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