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❤ Thank you for all always supporting our mission! We are here to encourage imagination, curiosity, creativity, and fun through ‘Learning by Doing’. Interactive exhibits and programs inspire children and their families to explore and make discoveries.

Educator and Parent Resources

Looking for a fun and educational activities to try at home? Check out these cool experiments! 

Parenting during a Pandemic?

Parenting is already a full-time job!! Here are some helpful tips to get through it. 

Make Handwashing Fun!

Now is the perfect time to develop an important skill. 

The Perfect Bubble

We have just the right recipe to help with your next outdoor activity day!

Located in the Museum’s Courtyard, Harmony Park features a commercial-grade play structure offering families an outside “hands-on” experience that inspires physical activity, interactivity and creative play. Open at no cost during normal operating hours and after hours for special events. cmalaf/calendar.

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