MAY 6, 2021

Circle of Learning… built by the community, for the community

2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of converting the former Heymann Grocery store into the Children’s Museum of Acadiana. The CMA founders – three moms living in Lafayette – chose 201 E. Congress St. is the Museum’s permanent home for its heritage and distinctness as an investment that continues to house the “wonders” of navigating real-world experiences in a child-sized world. More than just a building, the Museum serves as Acadiana’s “Circle of Learning,” welcoming the 3rd generation of learners through its doors. Things truly have come full circle at the CMA, and while the old adage, “it’s what on the inside that counts,” is certainly true with over 15 exhibits recently updated and 2 new exhibits opening soon, the exterior that once greeted guests is not as cheery as it was. It needs a fresh coat of paint.

For Generations to Come

Parents of the 90s’ are now the grandparents of little ones experiencing the wonder of first experiences at the CMA. Kids of the 90s’ are reliving their joyful experiences with children of their own. Things truly have come full circle at the Museum, and while the old adage, “it’s what on the inside that counts,” is certainly true with over 15 exhibits – most recently updated, and the opening of two new exhibits soon, the exterior that once greeted guests is tired.

It’s More than Looks

But the paint job the CMA is talking about will be unlike any you have seen before. As the CMA’s exterior is painted, murals made by children assisted by Acadiana’s many non-profits will grace the façade along the entryway to greet guests and share a story about our community. For over two decades the CMA has collaborated with agencies and schools that serve these children including Alice N. Boucher Elementary School, Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana, Foster Friends, Healing House, Miles Perret Cancer Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Autism Society of Acadiana, and Hope for Opelousas to name a few. By involving groups of children near to our hearts in addition to a crew of professional painters, the CMA will showcase the avenues through which many children benefit from the Museum’s offerings.

Acadiana deserves a children’s museum that makes everyone swell with pride. Shining up the building’s exterior and gracing it at eye level with unique art created by our community’s children will instill in guests not only civic pride but the character and charm that is the fabric of Lafayette.

Every individual and organization who contributes to the CMA’s “Circle of Learning” Building Exterior Project will receive permanent recognition as every donation is a precious investment in our children’s future. The following levels of giving will come with perquisites listed below

1996 Club $5,000+

Complimentary three-hour private event at facility plus Stuffee’s Crew benefits

Stuffee's Crew $1,001-$2,500

All Bubble Factory Brewer benefits plus two Celebrate and Play packages with party add-ons

Bubble Factory Brewer $501-$1,000

All Ambulance Driver benefits plus one standard Celebrate and Play package

Ambulance Driver $221-$500

All standard Explorer Plus benefits + up to five additional members

Explorer Plus $181-$220

1-year membership for 1 adult and up to 3 guests with standard perks

Explorer $139-$180

1-year membership for 1 adult and 1 child with standard perks

Supporter $81-$140

2 Museum guest passes

Lagniappe $1-$80

a curtsy, bow, and big thank you!

Help us Fundraise

Even if you can’t make a monetary donation we can still use your help spreading the word! Create your own fundraiser for the CMA and share it with friends and family. 

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