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Although our doors are closed we want you to continue to learn and have fun at home! 

Did you join story time this morning? Click the link below for downloadable discussion questions and activities for One by Kathryn Otoshi   

Spin Art 

Make your own beautiful pieces of art at home! Spin art is a great way to introduce your little ones to physics.

Crayon Resit Art

Is it magic? Your little one may think so! Celebrate spring and incorporate this project into your home lesson.

Recycled Robots

Use recycled materials around the house to create robot friends.

Tie Dye Butterflies 

Add some creativity and color to your home! These DIY tie dye butterflies and easy and fun to make over and over again.

Catapult Launchers  

How far can you launch? Make a catapult and add a target on the wall or in a basket to turn it into your own game.

Rainbow Reflection  

It’s dark and stormy out today, so why not try to make a rainbow inside!

No-BAKE Air Dry Clay  

WARNING! This can get messy but what’s the fun in it if your hands don’t get a little dirty. Try this air dry clay recipe at home to give as a gift or just as sentimental decor to your home.

Super Squishy Spring Time Slime 

Looking for a FOOL proof slime recipe? The CMA has your back. Now your’re a slime scientist! 

Straw Bridges 

Engineer a bridge at home! Plan out and design your bridge then put it to the test.

Mini Volcano Experiment 

Discover chemical reactions with our super simple mini volcano experiment! You may have a future chemist on your hands. Ask plenty of questions while performing this experiment

Lava Lamp Experiment 

Create a bubbly concoction that’s guaranteed to WOW your little scientist.

4-Layer Density Tower   

Let’s make a TOWER, a density tower. Put your scientist to the test and see what they know about mass and volume.

Yarn Art  

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, here’s a creative way to decorate cards at home using recycled materials!