Can’t bring your students to the CMA? Let us bring the CMA to you!

Our education team has developed hands-on 45-minute science career programs that can be delivered in your K-4th grade classrooms

Starting in January 2018! On the Go Request Sheet

Excavating Dinosaur Fossils

Recommended for 2nd-4th Grade

In this program, students will delve into the world of paleontology. After excavating a dinosaur, students will use research and clues to unearth the name and species of their new discovery! This is sure to be one “dino-mite” adventure!

Engineering a Bridge

Recommended for 2nd-4th Grade

Build it higher, build it bigger, build it better! Young learners will become an engineer in this hands-on program. With household items, students will test their ability to create a bridge that can withstand both wind and weight. Who will conquer this challenge?

Sensing Flavors and Foods

Recommended for K-2nd Grade

Who says you can’t play with your food? In this program, students will have the opportunity to learn how chefs use their senses in the culinary world. Let’s get “cooking” in this fun and interactive exploration of how we observe not only with our sight, but with ALL of our senses!

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