Birthday Parties

Celebrate and Play

Looking for the perfect spot to host your child’s next birthday party? Look no further than the Children’s Museum! Our space is specially designed to let kids’ imaginations run wild while they create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Our dedicated party facilitators take care of the small details from beginning to end, so you can relax and enjoy the fun. Book your party today and give your child a celebration they’ll cherish forever!

When you purchase the Celebrate and Play Package, you’ll receive the following benefits: a private party space for 45 minutes, accommodations for up to 15 children and 20 adults, 20 full-color invitations, a party facilitator, a birthday button and a gift for the birthday child, 90 minutes of free play in exhibits, dessert plates, napkins, forks or spoons, and candles, juice pouches and water for the kids, and outdoor play in Harmony Park and more.

Learn more about prices and reservations below

$225 (member discount available)


$75 non-refundable deposit 


Saturday 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm / Sundays 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm


Weekdays available upon request


Package Includes 

  • Private party space for 45 minutes
  • Up to 15 kids and 20 adults
  • 20 full color invitations
  • Party Facilitator
  • Birthday Button & Gift for the birthday child


  • 90 minutes of free play in exhibits
  • Dessert plates, napkins, forks or spoons, and candles
  • Juice pouches and water for children
  • Outdoor play in Harmony Park

Options (additional charges apply)

  • Larger party space: ReUSEum (Arts exhibit) $50
  • Additional guests: Children $15 / Adults $5
  • Additional invitations $1 each

Your responsibility

  • Cake/cupcakes/desserts
  • Pizza (if desired) 
  • Soft drinks for adults 

Parties are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. To request your party, please click the link below. Once we receive your request, our party reservations will give you a call to confirm details and take the deposit. 

Important Party Information


· Tape is not allowed on party room walls. Decorations can be attached with sticky tack.

· The Museum is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

· Entire exhibits or parts of exhibits are subject to closure.

· The birthday family members (parents and siblings of birthday child) are admitted in addition to the included children and adult limits for party packages 1 & 2. A fee of $15 child & $10 adult will be added for each additional child or adult over the party packages guest limits.

· All food items MUST be served and eaten in party room. No food allowed outside of Party Rooms or in exhibit areas.


· Pizza, sandwich tray, fruit tray, chicken nugget tray, doughnuts, and kolaches, individual ice cream cups or very simple easy to serve items. No warming trays, crock pots, or chafing dishes allowed. No food allowed outside of Party Rooms or in exhibits.

· Small individual bag snacks.

· Drinks for adults may be brought in such as water or soft drinks.

· We do have ice available for your use if needed.

· Cake, cookie cake, cupcakes for celebrating birthday.


· Party deposit is non-refundable. If you would like to reschedule at a later date, deposits are good for one year from party date. Final balance is due seven (7) days prior to party date. If you need to cancel party a 24 hour notice will need to be given to receive refund minus deposit.


· Upon arrival, check in at front desk. The birthday child will receive their Birthday Button. Let front desk know if you have any special decorations, utensils, candles, etc. for your party host to set up in the room.

· You may arrive fifteen minutes before party starts. If you arrive early as a reminder Museum staff may still be cleaning party room from last party for the later parties in the day. Set up for the party room can be done in the first hour of your arrival. Early arrival is not necessary.


· Museum Staff/Host will greet your guests as they enter the lobby, collect their gifts, and keep track of number of children and adults attending the party.

· Guests MUST check in at the front desk. They will receive a wristband from front desk staff.

· Please remember that the museum is not a “Drop Off” facility. If a child is dropped off, the Birthday Party Parent is responsible for that child until his or her parents arrive to pick them up. Any children who are interrupting the play of others will be taken to the Birthday Party Parent.


· Children will begin play on the Museum floor for one (1) hour upon arrival. After the hour, children will be called into party room via intercom. For example, if your party begins at 10:00 am, children will be called into room at 11:00 am.

· You may spend 45 minutes in the party room. Once in the party room your party host will facilitate the serving of food (approved food items), beverages, singing “Happy Birthday”, and distributing gifts.

· After your allotted time in the party room, children can remain and play in the museum until closing. The party host will begin cleaning party room for the next party during this time.

· Your party host will bring birthday gifts, decorations, and any remaining refreshments to the Museum’s front desk area, where it will be stored until you are ready to leave.

· You and your guests may stay as long as Museum remains open.


· Before you leave, please visit the front desk to pay any charges for any extra children or adults over the party package limit.

· Optional Tip for your party host.


· The Children’s Museum is located at 201 E. Congress Street, Lafayette, LA 70501. The museum is located in downtown Lafayette, between Parc International and Parc San Souci. The entrance to our parking lot is located on Taylor Street.


· The Museum offers free parking in its parking lot. The entrance to the parking lot is on Taylor Street. Please note that the parking lot gates close at 5:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday. Any cars remaining in the lot after 5:00 PM will be locked in until the Museum opens for business.

· If the Museum’s parking lot is full, guests can either park at one of the many parking meters downtown (no charge on weekends) or in the Vermilion Street Parking Garage. The garage is located at the corner of Vermilion Street and Polk Street. Parking is $5 all day, every day. You can pay by the hour using the machine located on the bottom floor by the elevators.


· If you have any further questions, please call 337.232.8500 or email [email protected]


Birthday Parties at the Children's Museum of Acadiana  - Standard Party Room

Standard Party Room

Birthday Parties at the Children's Museum of Acadiana - ReUSEum

ReUSEum (Art Room) Larger +$50