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Health Galleries
All About Me is an interactive exhibit based on health. Role playing allows children to play the part of doctors, complete with x-rays and babies to weigh monitor. All About Me also houses our Geo-Fitness exercise mats. Geo-Fitness combines geography and motion, which offers children a chance to dance along with videos. Combined with a number of other interactive health stations, it makes a perfect companion to the Healthy Pets Hospital. All About Me is sponsored by: Great Harvest Bread Co.
Healthy Pets Hospital is an exciting exhibit which allows for a number of play areas:
Check in area : Our visitors will role play as an office managers who will greet clients, take calls and schedule appointments using the office computer. This station will use clipboards to chart the problems you are having with your pet.
Examination and Grooming Station : Provides the young technicians with the tools and station to examine the animals. They will explore and interpret the anatomy of animals using charts and x-rays. Multiple procedures can be conducted including applying bandages, general pet check-ups and pet grooming. Owner (lets include moms and dads) counseling sessions can be conducted discussing proper pet nutrition, activities and exercises.
Pet Kennels: Rounds begin with a stop at the clinic's kennels, where pet patients are kept while in the veterinarian's care.
Remember to bring a picture of your pet with you to the museum to post on our pet board!
Healthy Pets Hospital is sponsored by: Lafayette Veterinary Care Center


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