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Childrens Museum of Acadiana

Girl Scout Programs
Girl Scout Programs at the Children's Museum of Acadiana
Girl Scouts love earning their badges at the CMA's Girl Scout Saturday Workshops! All workshops meet Girl Scout requirements for each badge. See what the CMA can offer your Girl Scout today! 

Registration Information:
      - For all Saturday morning programs, contact the the CMA at (337) 232-8500
      - For the "Girls Night In Lock-on Badge," contact the Girl Scout Office at (337) 984-1142
      - Chaperones/Parents staying for the workshop will be charged a reduced admission fee of $3.09
      - Other children attending with chaperones/parents will be charged a reduced admission fee of $5.15



"Spooktacular" Fun Patch  - October 14, 2017 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Brownies and Daisies - $17.51 per scout. Choose "if you dare” to participate in our "funtacular spooktacular” program. Hands-on activities will provide Scouts with a bit of history and festive fun with a Halloween theme. Have opportunities to prepare bubble solution and play with very special Ghost Bubbles, decorate their own Jack of the Lantern, make a Walking Spider, stir up some Squishy Alien Slime, and play Ooey Gooey Mystery Box guessing games. Additionally, time will also be spent discussing traditions and concepts of costume design.  To Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Take to the Floor" Dancer Badge - November 4, 2017 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Brownies - $17.51 per scout. Enjoy finding the dancer inside of you. During this program, scouts explore dance with warm up stretches and simple ballet moves. A dance timeline is presented as Scouts tryout some famous Fad, Line, Folk and Social dances including: the Charleston, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Chicken Dance, the Twist, the Freeze, Disco, Cupid Shuffle, and more as time permits. Learn new moves that you can show to your family & friends when you decide to have your dance party! To Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

CMA Lock-In "Girls Night In” - November 11, 2017    8:00 pm – 6:00 am

Juniors, Brownies, and Daisies - $26 per scout.  Scouts of all ages are invited to discover ways to unlock their creativity during a night in the Children’s Museum.  Scouts, working in small groups, will hear and learn from experts and enjoy hands-on activities as they rotate through 6 different interactive creative stations including:  Fingernail Factory,  No Heat:  Mix & Eat Treats,  Spirit Sticks , Pompoms,  & Cheers , Lemonade Mixology & Sampling,  Move It Gymnastics,  as well as Blinged Out Bracelets and Barrettes.   Additionally, the group will enjoy an evening meal, a dance party, free play in the museum, and a movie with snacks.  Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bag for a creative night in at the Museum! To Register: Call the Girl Scout Office at (337) 984-1142.

"STEM" Fun Patch - December 10, 2017    2:00 pm – 4:000 pm

Brownies and Daisies - $5 per scout.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) can help make our world a better place! Activities related to all four of these areas will be presented to scouts who are up for a challenge.  Participating in the eight, different hands-on activities provide new approaches to find ways to solve problems.  Scouts can begin to think like a lab scientist, an engineer, a computer programmer, or a mathematician.    Activities can include:  make and compare different types of slime, densities and water, ways to make objects move, kid coding, straw bridges and gravity, angles and forces, launching and catapulting, sound waves, exploring math sequences, gyroscopes and technology to find hidden objects. To Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Be Prepared" First Aid Badge - January 13, 2018    10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Brownies - $17.51 per scout.  Learn how to recognize an emergency and seek assistance through role-play activities.Scouts discover what items are essential in a basic first aid kit.  To get them started, the CMA will give each scout a Red Cross Pocket First Aid Kit using funds received from a grant funded by Lourdes Foundation.  Learn from our presenter, a Registered Nurse, as topics are presented including ways for scouts to prevent injuries, both indoors and outdoors and how to care for minor injuries.To Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Daisy Day Money Matters" Making Choices Leaf & Money Counts Leaf- January 20, 2018  10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Daisies - $19.57 per scout.  Learn the names of coins, the monetary value of the coins, and various combinations of coins for the same value by using "play bills and coins” as visual aids. Through "practice planning” and "role play”, the scouts find out the cost of fun activities. Additionally, differences between needs and wants are explained and Daisies are encouraged to set a goal to save for something they want. The program ends by encouraging the scouts to help others with what they need and want. To Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Color Your World" Painting Badge - February 17, 2018   10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Brownies - $17.51 per scout. Get inspired to discover different styles of painting and what you like to paint. The artist in you comes out as you have fun painting what’s around you.   In addition to using several size brushes, learn to paint without brushes!  Yes, explore painting with leaves, sticks, your fingers, cotton swabs, a feather, a straw and sponges!  Create abstract art as you express your mood using the colors of paint.    Tell a story as you paint a mural on a large piece of paper.  Paintings make people happy and brighten homes.  They add color to your world. To Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Perspective of Art" Drawing Badge - February 24, 2018   9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Juniors - $22.66 per scout.  Acquire great drawing techniques during this program.  Start with finding your favorite drawing tool or medium.  Next, learn how to make your picture more real with depth by adding shading.  Add interest and dimension to your drawings, as you learn how to put things/objects in perspective. Expand your imagination as your learn how graphic artists create.  Using all of your new sills, create a masterpiece!   Display your artwork/drawings at the CMA for others to see.  Your artwork can be picked up at a later date. To: Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Louisiana's Cultural Gumbo" Make Your Own Badge - Date and Time TBA

Juniors and Brownies - $18.54 per scout.  Step back in time to take a look at the many cultures and traditions that became ingredients to make our blended Louisiana cultural gumbo. Geography, settlement patterns and the waves of immigration by the French Acadians, French African-Creoles, English African-Americans, Spanish, Irish, Germans, Italians, Latins, and East Asians into Louisiana will be explained pictorially. Opportunities for comparing cultures to find similarities and differences abound with discussion, role-play and taste-testing. Major topics include: language, housing types, transportation, crops, holidays, music, dance, food/cooking styles and crafts.  To: Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.

"Make it by Hand" Potter - Date and Time TBA

Brownies and Daises - $17.51 per scout.  Learn about the origins of clay and its uses, the basics of building and shaping, and how to glaze your own work.  Scouts create two hand built clay pieces using pinch, slab and coil construction techniques.  Pieces will be painted at the CMA and fired elsewhere.  Scouts will be called when pieces are ready for pick up.  Not only is this program creative and fun, it will also meet all requirements for the Brownie Potter Badge and Daisy Fun Patch. To: Register: Call the Children’s Museum of Acadiana at (337) 232-8500.