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Childrens Museum of Acadiana

CMA's Bubble Recipe
Shhhhhh.....The CMA is going to let you in on a BIG Secret...the CMA's Bubble Solution! Okay it may not be so secret anymore but it's still a very BIG recipe, or at least our bubbles say so. Make this solution for a CMA fun time at home, Enjoy! 

5 Gallons of Solution
1 Gallon of Solution
5 gal. water
21 oz. Joy Ultra
9.5 oz. White Karo Syrup
1 gal. water
4.2 oz Joy Ultra
2.0 oz. White Karo Syrup

This bubble solution keeps well in the fridge and for Best Bubbles, remove soapy bubbles from surface during Bubble Play! Have a Bubbly Good Time!